Snow Queen. Autumn

September mood and our new work for Snow Queen.It was a beautiful experience to work with the director Vincent Jerome on it.
Including Tatiana Golysheva from Snow Queen and her team as a well as the participation of Milk creative agency.


TVC for Rich juice campaign. Witness how the world can be transformed from grey and ordinary to colorful and bright. And that’s all from only one gulp of the juice!

Ostin. Musicology

A very French collaboration for LeoBurnett and Ostin. Maria&Ben charming director duo, great model and dancer Suzanne, French touch composer Simon@lefatclub, post-production in Montmartre. It’s simple: Fashion = Paris!


4 months of work. Excellent crew: Raf Wathion, Michail Krichman, Trizz, composer Fabio Fonda, famous for this work with Bjork. Enjoying feedback from all over Russia after the first hours on air we are proud to present a breathtaking magical transformation of “Nika”. It won’t leave you indifferent.

Alfa Bank. Office

It pays being honest! Burning question, isn’t it?  Here is Alfa Bank campaign we produced for IQ Marketing. Directed by Ric Cantor. Well-known everyday situations, shown from an unexpected angle by an English director, which led to a peculiar result.

Alfa Bank. Elevator

It pays being honest!
Burning question, isn’t it?
Here is Alfa Bank campaign we produced for IQ Marketing. Directed by Ric Cantor. Well-known everyday situations, shown from an unexpected angle by an English director, which led to a peculiar result.


Nice spot for shopoholics and those, who appreciate good humor and Scandinavian-style in commercial.

Ikea Sleepwalker

Our next campaign was produced for Instinct – it is the new IKEA “Sleeping” campaign. Director David Popescu was shooting fast, but with all his heart! Everybody was satisfied with the process as well as with the result.


Shooting the NYC little Italy in Moscow in one day was pretty challenging. But Marc Wilkins made it possible. Enjoy this mini-feature.

New Tone.Robot

One of the TVC’s series for youth radio station launching campaign. Conception was created by Instinct agency. Director of animation – Pasha Egorov.

M-Video Salesmen

Peculiar image campaign introducing the dialogue between M-Video staff and its customers. The use of anamorphotic lenses in the hands of a Cannes-winning feature film DP Igor Luther added a little magic and made these two films stand out of the retailer – megastore TV-spots!  Meticulously executed – as always – by our beloved Michal Sablinski.


“Singing Life!” – that was the motto during our shooting of Eldorado spots in the nicest company. Directed by Alexey Tishkin.

Efes Space

In collaboration with Locomotion, Germany, we have produced a nice piece of a space trip movie in 3D. It was a cosmical experience! We are thankful to our creative team – Max Rochetti, the director, and Frank Petzold, VFX supervisor – these two guys proved to know a lot about space ships. It is also hard to underestimate the input of Sergey Mikhaylov – the art-director of the project (Ogilvy). And now press the play button and enjoy your trip to space!

Watch me

Cool and powerful song from Macha. Strong and refreshing directing idea from Michael Lockshin. The shoot was happening in the atmosphere of an extreme fun. Snow surface level was higher than boots of the crew members – we had to move fast. Luckily we were saved by warmth of a Russian sauna, which had become our home and make-up room all in one. Thanks to all crew which helped us creating this music video. Special thanks to our wonderful extras.

Nycomed. Nail

One of the series of 3 spots about mails, hair and teeth. The shoot took place in Riga. Our first work with Michal Sablinski, the humor expert.


“Poetry” is a short movie created as a part of Ill de Beaute campaign “Because it’s me”. In just 10 minutes we discover an inner world of strong but at the same time vulnerable woman.“Poetry” movie got high grade of professional community within 31st Moscow International Film Festival Russian film program.

The Spell

The first film of our “image-reload”.
We are certain, the woodoo magic won’t leave you indifferent.
With this film we introduce a new directors duo ¡EVIL: Artemio Benki and Petra Oplatkova.


It was great fun to spend the whole day with Kristovskie brothers (UmaTurman). Thanks to Leo Burnett for making it possible. Pasha Egorov as a director of animation – who is famous with his works for Vasya Oblomov and Dolphin – made it even funnier with his drawings.